We do not convert into an existing Xero subscription. Our software creates the new Xero subscription as part of the conversion process. Please do not start a Xero subscription but wait for us to send it to you at completion of the conversion.

We will create a brand new Xero org based on the source file data that you provide. At the completion of the conversion this org is transferred to the subscription email address that you provide. You MUST have two factor authentication to accept this new Xero org from us.

What to do with an existing Xero org

If you do have an existing Xero subscription for the file you wish to convert you will need to decide whether you still wish to convert full history through us. If you have done very little work in the subscription you have created then it is probably worthwhile getting us to create a file with transactional history for the financial year and cancelling the one you started.

Recommended next steps

If you decide to continue your conversion with transactional history:

1. Rename your existing org display name via Organisation settings so you can easily tell which is the original org and which is the new one we create.

2. If you have bank feeds already established in the org you created, you can transfer them across to the new org we create for you by following the steps here.

3. Cancel the original org once bank feeds have been transferred and the new Xero subscription has been brough up-to-date, otherwise you will end up with two Xero subscriptions to pay.

Preparing the file

Please also visit our website FAQs for recommendations on preparing the source file.