The MYOB file will require data adjustments if it errors during the MYOB Verification process. This is because the data must be error free to continue.

What you can do

If you receive a message from us that we were unable to convert due to the verification it may be possible that you can fix it yourself.

Run 'Verify your Company' from the File menu in MYOB to replicate the errors in the file. If you are unable to fix the errors, MYOB may be able to assist:

If you can fix so the file can run through the verification process without errorring then rezip and resubmit your file for conversion.

We can fix for you

Alternatively our Australian based conversion partner can fix these errors for a fee so we can proceed with our usual conversion service to you.

We will organise for the Verify errors to be fixed. If they are unable to provide us with a usable AccountRight file to convert you do not get charged.

Contact us if you would like to discuss this option.