There are 3 steps involved to clean up your file and prepare for conversion. Open file, remove password, remove transactions not needed.

Step 1: Open Reckon file

In Reckon you will need to set the date from which you want transactions.  The conversion balances date will then be one day prior to this. We recomend using the end of a financial year e.g. 30/06/2015 if that is the date you will choose to receive transactional history from. We also recommend making a 'copy' of your Reckon file to perform the below so that you have a back up of the original file.

To set the closing date

1: From the toolbar select "Company"

2. Use the dropdown to select "Set Closing Date"


3. Click on Set Date/Password. Selected the closing date of your choice ie 30/06/14. Remember this will 'close' transactions prior to this date.

Step 2: Remove password

1. From the toolbar select "Company", "Change Your Password"

2. Check the user is admin and new password is blank. If you have a password it will ask you for it.



Step 3: To proceed with the clean up

1. From the toolbar select "File"

2. From the dropdown select "Utilities"

3. From the expanded options select 'Clean Up Company Data'

4. Click Yes at the 'Budget data may be removed during cleanup. Do you want to continue anyway?'

5. Select 'remove transactions as of a specific date'

Enter the date. For example 30/06/2014. Please note this will remove transactions prior to this period.

6. Select Next

7. Tick all boxes then click next. Select Additional Criteria for removing transactions.

8. Tick all boxes then click next. Select Unused list items to remove.

9. Click 'Begin Cleanup'.

We hope that this helps.