Jobs / Classes / Categories from source files are converted into Tracking Categories in Xero as long as there are less than 500 of both in the source file. This includes both active and inactive so if receiving these in Xero is important, check the number of jobs / classes / categories there are in the source file.

Note we do not convert into Xero Projects.

How do I make sure the Jobs/Classes/Categories are coming into Xero?

Our conversion software automatically checks whether Jobs / Categories / Classes have been used in the source file. If so, it creates a tracking category called Job or Category in Xero. Each job/category is created as an option, so that they are accessible for future transactions.

How do you name the options?

We use the Job/Classes/Category names from the source file. Descriptions do not come across as they are often too long to be useful. 

What if my client wants to use different tracking in Xero?

This is really easy to achieve by deleting the job/category tracking categories and setting up the new tracking you want to use.

We are not migrating Job/Classes/Category opening balances.

The tracking only commences at conversion date. You are able to add manual journals to add these opening balances if this is essential for your client. Or you might want to choose an earlier conversion date so that the relevant Job details are in Xero.

In MYOB Categories are per transaction where Xero tracking is by transaction line. How does that work?

Any transaction line that we migrate to Xero gets the correct tracking option applied to it. Where Categories are used, we assign a Category to each transaction line in that transaction, rather than the transaction itself as done in the source file.

How are header jobs converted?

Xero does not have a function to combine a subset of jobs into a header job. The header job will be converted but it will come across with a zero balance as it will lose linkage to the subset jobs.

You can manage this moving forward by using Tracking Categories in Xero to combine Tracking Category options.